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Swan Valley South Fork Towing

We all need to have a way to get from one place to another. This may mean using public transportation, a bicycle, or the most common form of transportation is a personal vehicle. While using a vehicle there is a chance that something could go wrong while you are driving. At South Fork Towing in Swan Valley, we know that being stuck on the side of the road can be stressful. We want to help you get off the side of the road and take some of the stress away from the situation. As trained professionals, we can get any vehicle, in any condition and in a timely manner no matter the time of day.

Services Offered

Heavy Towing

We have heavy wreckers that are able to pull semi trucks, class A motorhomes, class A buses, and broken down trailers. Our heavy-duty trailers are able to pull up to 120,000 pounds. We have trailers with a tilt deck that allows us to load up your large vehicles or equipment without causing damage.

Heavy Recovery

When heavy-duty vehicles are involved in accidents, the clean-up process is a bit more extensive. At South Fork Towing we are able to assist law enforcement. Our Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Support Trailer has traffic cones, beacon lights, a support truck, signs, roadside flares, and LED signal traffic boards in order to aid in lane closures and traffic flow at the scene. This way officers can focus on other tasks. If you have a load on your truck during an accident our MOT Support Trailer also has an airbag inflation system that allows us to lift up your truck without damaging the load. We have a heavy-duty rotator that is Wreckmaster certified that makes the heaviest jobs run smoothly.

Light and Medium Towing

Even motorcycles and other small vehicles like recreational razors may need towing. Light towing is for smaller vehicles. Our wreckers for this are able to do a lower gear that will not damage these smaller vehicles. In Swan Valley, we know that people are exploring the outdoors so there is a chance you'll get stuck off the main roads. We are able to assist with off-roading towing for your motorcycle and your daily vehicle used for transportation. The winter months bring another challenge with the snow, if you find yourself stuck in the snow we can help get you out.

Roadside Service

In order to help you save money and time, we are able to offer mobile mechanic services. This allows us to come to your vehicle and do on-site repairs. This will save you the money of paying for a tow since we repair it where it is at. Also saves you time since we will not need to tow it anywhere, not to mention waiting on a mechanic to fix the repairs. We can also help with a semi-truck tire repair when you purchase any of our new or used semi-truck tires. Our roadside assistance is a 24-hour service because we know vehicle troubles can arise at any time of day.

Reasons You May Need a Tow

There are many different things that can happen while you are on the roads. Usually, it is out of your control but you still have to deal with the consequences. You may find yourself wondering if you truly need a tow or if it is something that you can figure out on your own. A good rule of thumb is if your vehicle is drivable. If you are not able to drive your vehicle, you should reach out to us at Swan Valley South Fork Towing.

You should call a tow truck for any of the following reasons:

  • Ran out of gas
  • Your car will not start
  • Flat or blown tire
  • Your car battery is dead
  • Collision or accident
  • Extreme weather: slid off the road
  • Mechanical problems
  • Lost keys or locked out of your vehicle

This is not a complete list but contains the most common reasons you may need a tow truck. We know all of these situations are overwhelming and we are here to help get you and your vehicle to a safe location. No matter the situation and time of day, we will be there to help you.

What Sets Us Apart?

Many other tow truck companies will serve a very large area and give off the appearance of multiple locations. But many of these companies are operating out of one location. This will increase the price that you are paying because they may be traveling farther distances to get to you. The miles and time will increase what you are charged for the tow. We have multiple locations all over South Eastern Idaho, including one right in Swan Valley. Having a local location that we operate out of will decrease your costs and wait times.

Why South Fork Towing?

We have been a part of the community since 1967 and started expanding to serve a large portion of South East Idaho in 1984. Throughout the years of helping our community, we ensure that all of our equipment is WreckMaster certified. Each member of our team is required to complete four different kinds of certifications in order to have them prepared for any situation they come across, these include WreckMaster, LnS Heavy Recovery, ATSSA Flagging, and American Towman. We want our team members to be confident in their skills and our customers to be confident in their ability to take care of your vehicles. At Swan Valley South Fork Towing our equipment and team members are excellent and ready to help you 24/7 through a stressful situation.

Contact Us

We are open 24/7 because we know vehicle problems can happen on any day and at any time. Please call us with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to guide you through the next steps you may need to take. Our top priority is to get you and your vehicle to safety and off the roads.