Who We Are

Who We Are

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Lindsay Towing Shop

Lindsay Truck & Towing has been operating since 1967 when it was located on Lindsay Boulevard in Idaho Falls. In 1984, the Pickering family purchased the business and expanded it into the many locations that it has today.

Lindsay Truck & Towing is located in Idaho Falls to assist drivers in the area, especially on Interstate-15, Highway 20, and Highway 26. We are WreckMaster certified in all of our equipment, including our 50-ton heavy rotator. We take pride in our skills and certifications that help us tow vehicles in the best way possible.

Lindsay Truck & Towing has served the community for 50 years, staying up to date on certifications and towing regulations so we can continue serving drivers in the area for much longer. We love this area, and love to serve the community. It is our priority to keep up to date on these certifications so we can serve you in the safest, most effective way possible.

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Why Choose Us

Many towing companies might claim to have many locations, but in reality, they have one physical location and offer service to a wide range of locations, costing more to the customer with travel time. We have many vehicles in many locations so we can respond quicker to our customers and offer more competitive prices. We can get you back on the road without towing you back to a shop because we offer mechanical roadside assistance.

We understand that accidents happen, and they are never something that you plan for. We want to help you get your car to safety and get back on the road so that you can get back to your daily life in a timely manner.

We are committed to helping customers during their time of need with our 50 years of experience and the largest towing and recovery fleet in Idaho. It is our main goal to help you get to where you need, so you can give us a call 24/7 and someone will be on their way to help you.

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Our Team

Your safety and the safety of all of those on the road is so important to us. We believe that in order to give you the excellent service that you deserve, our team needs to be well qualified and experienced. Each member of our team is prepared to handle any situation that might arise because they are required to complete at least four certifications.

  • WreckMaster®
  • LnS® Heavy Recovery
  • ATSSA® Flagging
  • American Towman®

WreckMaster Certification: The WreckMaster certification is an in-depth program focused on proper recovery techniques for towing and recovery professionals. In this course our employees learned and became certified to tow heavy vehicles. At Lindsay Truck & Towing, we are certified for levels 2 through 7 and R (for our heavy rotator). No matter how big your vehicle is, we are certified and have the equipment to help you get back on the road in no time. By completing the WreckMaster certification, our team has the skills and experience necessary to tow your vehicle out of any situation.

ATSSA Certification: Not only is getting your vehicle to safety a priority of ours, but our priorities lie in ensuring the safety of everyone else on the road. The ATSSA Certification is a process dedicated to teaching towing companies proper flagging procedures in order to ensure the process is safe for both the company and those driving on the road. We are the only company in east Idaho who has this certification.

With a certified, knowledgeable and experienced team of operators, we are prepared to handle any situations in which you might need our help, no matter the time of day

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“I had an accident that totaled my beloved Town Car and called Lindsay. They were there and took care of me before the police officer was even finished with the report.

The guy treated my obviously totaled car like a newborn and let me know what was happening every step of the way.

The owner was tied up and sent his DAD to take care of me. You don't see this everywhere. Or anywhere. I hope I don't need them for something like this, but if I do, they will be my first call.”

Daniel Anderson

“Excellent seems too weak a word to describe my experience with Lindsay Truck and Towing. Wyatt is simply the best at what he does! Thank you for giving my Jeep a second life, I will never call another towing company, and I will ask for Wyatt!”

Matthew Burch

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Towing FAQs

What types of vehicles can you tow?

Because all of our employees have the WreckMaster, ATSSA Flagging, LnS Heavy Recovery, and American Towman certifications, we can tow anything from a normal compact car, to broken down trailers, to any type of class A vehicle. No matter the size or situation, we are prepared to help you.

What are your hours?

We know that you can never plan for an accident, so we are available to tow you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How do I know if I need to be towed?

There are many instances where your car could possibly need to be towed. A general rule of thumb is to get your car towed in any situation where it may be undriveable. Whether it be you ran out of gas, got stuck while off-roading, or even your car will not drive after being in an accident. In all of these situations you should get your car towed.

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Contact Us

We know that you never plan for an accident, so it could happen at any time of the day. Because of this, we have someone ready to help you 24/7. Our purpose is to get you back on the way to where you need to go. We offer exceptional customer service and will get your car towed in no time. Contact us today with all of your towing needs. We look forward to working with you.

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